Founding the 73rd Finreht Highlanders  

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I have always wanted to do an army of Finreht highlanders, ever since I saw this picture back during the heady days of the Gmes Workshop Armageddon campaign. I even tried once, modifying a Canadian trooper, adding a Kilt and a wild hair do. The mod didnt really work, the figure came out too bulky. I did however purchase of a whole pile of backpacks from the specialist games range, back when you could still do such things. The project never got off the ground, and the pile o'backpacks have gathered dust ever since.
I never gave up hope hopes that some day someone would release a range of figures close enough in appearance

Until now.

Victoria Lambs golden demon entry have been recently released as the Highland guard range. These figures are perfect. I will never be able o use them in a Tournament, or at the GW shop, but his is no great hardship as I rarely attend either. I have clubed together with a mate and we purchased a large number of arms, kilted legs torsos and the like.

My initial plan is to build them out as per the fluff as a a light infantry company. Intitally I will build a platoon, starting with the command squad.
In the GW fluff Canon, the Finreht Highlanders are organised as light infantry, so little or no motorised transport, carryin everything on their backs. Culturally they wold probably be seen as primitive by Imperial standards and to my eye the fluff suggests they come from a craggy, marginal world, maybe not a death world but certainly a hard scrabble one, where the human species has a tenuous grip.
These people are not the twee Scots of the arts and crafts movement if the late 19th century. Then are much closer in my mind to the Pictish peoples of late antiquity, still independant of thier souther neighbour, fighting amongst themseves more often than against their larger neighbours.
The Imperium recruits these near savages and equips them with only the most basic low tech equipment, Missle lauchers, heavy stubbers, autocannons an the like.
Then fits them to one of the hardest, most physically demanding role in the infantry, that of light infantry.

with this in mind so far i will be using
- VM Kilted legs
- VM Victorin Toros
- VW Arms
- Specialist Games backpacks
- Armgedon pattern Steel Legion Missle launchers
- Armageddon pattern Heavy bolters

1st Platoon Prototype  

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This weekend saw the construction of the command squad and the majority of a 10 men infantry squad.  The Infantry looks okay so far.  I'm a little  worried that none of them have Imperial legals on them anywhere but I'm sure that this will be fine.  I hope it will as I dont have the proficiency with sculpting to sculpt that small.  
On the command squad I have sculpted some bandoleers, which I will be painting in tartan along with the kilts.   I'm not entirely sure these bandoliers have worked in so far only put them on the command squad.  I may not put them on the rest of the infantry because they just look a bit silly.  Maybe the Paint job will help.

These are two of the three  heavy weapons.  In keeping with the fluff, the heavy ans special weapons will all be low tech, Missile launchers, Heavy Stubbers, Grenade Launchers, Sinpers and the like, few or no Plasma, Melta or Las-cannons.  
Heavy Stubber: 
- Right Arm GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber
- Backpack GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber

Missle Launcher: 
- Body Victoria Miniatures Victorian Body
- Legs Victoria Miniatures Highland Guard Kilt
- Left Arm  Victoria Miniatures Arm set F
- Backpack GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber

A wide shot of the Command squad and two Sergeants.  Behind them is the Commissar who has been assigned to them.

I have to say I'm very glad I bought all of these back packs back when Games Workshop still did bitz, or this whole army couldn't have happened.  I would be looking at buying an entire Escher Gang, just to get a single back pack and stubber arm!  At least the Missle Launcher is a team of two.

Finreht Higlanders  

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The Finreht Highlanders are regiments of the Imperial Guard recruited from the world Finreht Three-Seven.

Finreht Three-Seven is a tide locked moon of a super massive planet.  It is marginally habitale planet and its people a tough survivors.  The Clans of Finreht Three-Seven are a semi-nomadic people who follow the herds of Mountain Grox which roam the valleys of the moon in search of seasonal pasture. Each clan holds hereditary right of property over a particular heard, although they do not have any control of ther direction of the wandering herds.  The clans construct their dewllings along the migratory routs and move from one to another as the herd moves.

The life blood of the clan is its herd. They hunt the predators which attack the herd, and occasionally take the weaker Grox for skins and meat.  Skins are traded with other septs when they come into contact, along with Women and weapons.

Clan warfare is rife and many clans have hereditary rivalries which date back centuries.

Every five cycles the clans pay tribute to the Imperium at the Moot. When the day arrives to pay the tribute, the best shepherds of the tribe must separate a portion of the flock and lead on the arduous journey to the distant valleys. The governors will select a portion of these herds for slaughter and distribution throughout the Agrippina Sector, providing food to overpopulated planets.

Recruitment and training

Sometimes, the clan is unable or unwilling to pay the demanded tribute, and offer instead the service of the youth of the tribe in the Imperial Guard regiments.
The regiments' officers, support personnel and vehicle crews are drawn from the more civilized governing class of lowlanders who dwell in the Imperial star ports of Finreht.
Only a few regiments have ever been founded by Finreht Three-Seven due to the extremely low population of the world, and new foundings are almost unheard of.  Instead those regiments which half already been founded receive a steady stream of re-inforcements, giving these regiments very long histories of service, unlike many Imperial regiments which are destroyed and rebuilt several times over.
Most of the Finreht Highlanders are organised as light infantry. Comming from a primitive world recruits receive only rudimentay training before being sent to meet their regiment. They are trained in the use of standard infantry equipment and the lower tech support weapons standard throughout the Imperial Guard.  Officers are often decendents of the Imperial elite and have access to more advance equipment, often purchased independanly and highly ornamented for their peronal use.

Their long histories and traditions of re-enforcement have left many of the regiments with a high proportion of veterans.  New recruits are sprinkled into foremations are replacements wherever possible, allowing them to be trained in the military arts surrounded by experts in the trade.

Appearance and Uniform

Clansmen of Finreht are almost entriely equipt and clothed by the Munitorium, thier own world being too poor to provide mass produced uniforms for large armies.  Warriors of Finreht modify these to look closer to the traditional garb of the Warrior of Finreht, augmenting the flk weave with exrta quilting.  Most will be carrying primitivbe fetishes and symbols of the cult imperium.  Almost all of the soldiers in the ranks will bear many tatoos, indicating their tribal Caste and status.
Notable also are the enormous packs they carry for long range poerations and the Kiltsof their clans.

Weapons and equipment

 Most of the Finreht Highland regiments are orgainsed as light infantry, expected to operate over longer periods of time without the need for logisitcal support, they use large back packs necessary for carrying the wherewithall for these operations.  Regiments are equipped with Mars Pattern las rifle.

Finreht Three-Seven  

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Name: Finreht Three-Seven
Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Agrippina
System: Finreht

Planetrise over Finreht Three Seven

Finreht Three-Seven the seventh moon of the supermassive iron world of Finreht Three.  It is a is a geologically active world in the grip of the huge gravity well of its massive parent.  Finreht three lies outside the goldilocks zone for the star Finreht, however it is warmed internally by geologic tital stresses induced by Finreht 3.  These tidal stresses deep in the moon have left the surface of Finreht wrinkled and craggy, covered in mountain ranges and deep valleys.  There is little standing water on the surface, and much of that is ice, locked in the deepest valleys where the pressure of the atmosphere makes then hard to reach.  The average temperature for Finreht Three seven is low for human habitatioon across much of its surface, but remains faily uniform.  There are two seasons and a complext Day/Night cyle depending on the location of the star Finreht, and the parent world in the sky.

The Inhabitants are primitive and insular.  The peoples of Finreht are mostly nomadic, following the migratory herds of Mountain Grox that were introduced by the first settlers.  Society is clan based rigidly Hierarchical and fiercely independant.  Herders belong to Septs, small family groups led by a hetman or Tesarch., The greatest amongst these Tesarch are known as Eaorls, who govern the septs for the Thanes or districts lords, who in turn owe fealty to the Imperial Govenor, who is usally appointed from off world by the Administratum.  Each clan member no matter the age or sex are expected to be skilled in the use of the Las-locke, the Claymore and the Claybeg sword. When the clan goes to war, memebers of the clan of mlitary age form Huscarles to fight for their Earol.

Life in the High valleys of Finreht is tough, few babies are born to the clans and many do not survive the hard scrabble existance that Finreht forces on them.  Interceene clan wars are frequent, and often bloody. Fought for grazing rights, for ancient slights by one clan against another, of purely for the purpose of stealling another clans herd.

There are a few permanent settlements scattered across the surface of Finreht Three-seven, largely maintained by clan Aristocrasy for the prupose of demonstrating political power or as srategic strongpoints to maintain control of their fractious subject clansmen.  A few are maintained to Imperial standards by the Representatives of the Imperium, who are assigned to administer this far flung world. Almost all are great wall Palace Fortresses, built into Buttes and Cliff faces, commanding the entrances to the lowland valleys.

Kindoon Moot, in the Highlands of Finreht Three-Seven
According to ancient tradition amonst the clans: every five cycles, Clans of a district gather in a great Moot.  At these events, treaties are discussed, women and livestock are traded to cement alliances both old and new.  The places of these Moots is also govened by ancient treaties, and over time most of them have been built on by Imperial authorities who have come to use the Moot as an opportunity to interact with the nomally scattered population.  Administratum offcials collect the oaths of loyalty and tribute owed by the Clans of Finreht to the Great Clan chief, the God Emperor of Mankind.

The Clan Aristocracy will select a portion of each herd to be shipped to the Govenors Landing, to be slaughtered and sent to feed the hungry worlds of the Agripina Sector. Sometimes, when a Clan is unable or unwilling to meet its tribute obligations to the Govenor, the young men and women of the Clan can be taken instead.  This tradition of "manrent" is long established ans accepted amongst the clans. These human tributes are taken into the Imperial Guard of mankind, and sent to re-enforce the far flung regiments of the Finreht Highlanders.  Only a few regiments have been founded over the millenia, due to the scarecity of the population, the Moots supply a steady stream of replacements.  The Finreht Hilanders have a tough reputation and are much sought after as light infantry.