Founding the 73rd Finreht Highlanders  

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I have always wanted to do an army of Finreht highlanders, ever since I saw this picture back during the heady days of the Gmes Workshop Armageddon campaign. I even tried once, modifying a Canadian trooper, adding a Kilt and a wild hair do. The mod didnt really work, the figure came out too bulky. I did however purchase of a whole pile of backpacks from the specialist games range, back when you could still do such things. The project never got off the ground, and the pile o'backpacks have gathered dust ever since.
I never gave up hope hopes that some day someone would release a range of figures close enough in appearance

Until now.

Victoria Lambs golden demon entry have been recently released as the Highland guard range. These figures are perfect. I will never be able o use them in a Tournament, or at the GW shop, but his is no great hardship as I rarely attend either. I have clubed together with a mate and we purchased a large number of arms, kilted legs torsos and the like.

My initial plan is to build them out as per the fluff as a a light infantry company. Intitally I will build a platoon, starting with the command squad.
In the GW fluff Canon, the Finreht Highlanders are organised as light infantry, so little or no motorised transport, carryin everything on their backs. Culturally they wold probably be seen as primitive by Imperial standards and to my eye the fluff suggests they come from a craggy, marginal world, maybe not a death world but certainly a hard scrabble one, where the human species has a tenuous grip.
These people are not the twee Scots of the arts and crafts movement if the late 19th century. Then are much closer in my mind to the Pictish peoples of late antiquity, still independant of thier souther neighbour, fighting amongst themseves more often than against their larger neighbours.
The Imperium recruits these near savages and equips them with only the most basic low tech equipment, Missle lauchers, heavy stubbers, autocannons an the like.
Then fits them to one of the hardest, most physically demanding role in the infantry, that of light infantry.

with this in mind so far i will be using
- VM Kilted legs
- VM Victorin Toros
- VW Arms
- Specialist Games backpacks
- Armgedon pattern Steel Legion Missle launchers
- Armageddon pattern Heavy bolters

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Excited to see what you do with this. Those sexy Victoria Mini's parts have been on my radar for a while and I've only seen one project use them thus far.

26 July 2012 at 08:31

Thanks man, the first command squad is up, Now on to the first squad of 10.

26 July 2012 at 14:03

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