1st Platoon Prototype  

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This weekend saw the construction of the command squad and the majority of a 10 men infantry squad.  The Infantry looks okay so far.  I'm a little  worried that none of them have Imperial legals on them anywhere but I'm sure that this will be fine.  I hope it will as I dont have the proficiency with sculpting to sculpt that small.  
On the command squad I have sculpted some bandoleers, which I will be painting in tartan along with the kilts.   I'm not entirely sure these bandoliers have worked in so far only put them on the command squad.  I may not put them on the rest of the infantry because they just look a bit silly.  Maybe the Paint job will help.

These are two of the three  heavy weapons.  In keeping with the fluff, the heavy ans special weapons will all be low tech, Missile launchers, Heavy Stubbers, Grenade Launchers, Sinpers and the like, few or no Plasma, Melta or Las-cannons.  
Heavy Stubber: 
- Right Arm GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber
- Backpack GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber

Missle Launcher: 
- Body Victoria Miniatures Victorian Body
- Legs Victoria Miniatures Highland Guard Kilt
- Left Arm  Victoria Miniatures Arm set F
- Backpack GW Necromunder Escher Ganger with Heavy Stubber

A wide shot of the Command squad and two Sergeants.  Behind them is the Commissar who has been assigned to them.

I have to say I'm very glad I bought all of these back packs back when Games Workshop still did bitz, or this whole army couldn't have happened.  I would be looking at buying an entire Escher Gang, just to get a single back pack and stubber arm!  At least the Missle Launcher is a team of two.

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