Finreht Higlanders  

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The Finreht Highlanders are regiments of the Imperial Guard recruited from the world Finreht Three-Seven.

Finreht Three-Seven is a tide locked moon of a super massive planet.  It is marginally habitale planet and its people a tough survivors.  The Clans of Finreht Three-Seven are a semi-nomadic people who follow the herds of Mountain Grox which roam the valleys of the moon in search of seasonal pasture. Each clan holds hereditary right of property over a particular heard, although they do not have any control of ther direction of the wandering herds.  The clans construct their dewllings along the migratory routs and move from one to another as the herd moves.

The life blood of the clan is its herd. They hunt the predators which attack the herd, and occasionally take the weaker Grox for skins and meat.  Skins are traded with other septs when they come into contact, along with Women and weapons.

Clan warfare is rife and many clans have hereditary rivalries which date back centuries.

Every five cycles the clans pay tribute to the Imperium at the Moot. When the day arrives to pay the tribute, the best shepherds of the tribe must separate a portion of the flock and lead on the arduous journey to the distant valleys. The governors will select a portion of these herds for slaughter and distribution throughout the Agrippina Sector, providing food to overpopulated planets.

Recruitment and training

Sometimes, the clan is unable or unwilling to pay the demanded tribute, and offer instead the service of the youth of the tribe in the Imperial Guard regiments.
The regiments' officers, support personnel and vehicle crews are drawn from the more civilized governing class of lowlanders who dwell in the Imperial star ports of Finreht.
Only a few regiments have ever been founded by Finreht Three-Seven due to the extremely low population of the world, and new foundings are almost unheard of.  Instead those regiments which half already been founded receive a steady stream of re-inforcements, giving these regiments very long histories of service, unlike many Imperial regiments which are destroyed and rebuilt several times over.
Most of the Finreht Highlanders are organised as light infantry. Comming from a primitive world recruits receive only rudimentay training before being sent to meet their regiment. They are trained in the use of standard infantry equipment and the lower tech support weapons standard throughout the Imperial Guard.  Officers are often decendents of the Imperial elite and have access to more advance equipment, often purchased independanly and highly ornamented for their peronal use.

Their long histories and traditions of re-enforcement have left many of the regiments with a high proportion of veterans.  New recruits are sprinkled into foremations are replacements wherever possible, allowing them to be trained in the military arts surrounded by experts in the trade.

Appearance and Uniform

Clansmen of Finreht are almost entriely equipt and clothed by the Munitorium, thier own world being too poor to provide mass produced uniforms for large armies.  Warriors of Finreht modify these to look closer to the traditional garb of the Warrior of Finreht, augmenting the flk weave with exrta quilting.  Most will be carrying primitivbe fetishes and symbols of the cult imperium.  Almost all of the soldiers in the ranks will bear many tatoos, indicating their tribal Caste and status.
Notable also are the enormous packs they carry for long range poerations and the Kiltsof their clans.

Weapons and equipment

 Most of the Finreht Highland regiments are orgainsed as light infantry, expected to operate over longer periods of time without the need for logisitcal support, they use large back packs necessary for carrying the wherewithall for these operations.  Regiments are equipped with Mars Pattern las rifle.

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